Rules and FAQ


Here are the few rules that need to be followed for everyone to have a great time using this site.
Failure to follow these rules may result in your IP Address being blocked from accessing features of this site.

  • Do not upload any stages that feature hate towards another race/religion.
  • Similar to above, do not put any hatespeech in the text tags of your upload.
  • Any stage that features 18+ imagery must be uploaded using the NSFW flag.
  • You are to only upload Smash stage BIN files, any other uploads could revoke your access to downloading and uploading.
  • If you wish to view NSFW stages you must agree that you are over 18 at the bottom of this page.


  • Q. Why can't I see NSFW content?
    • A. You must agree to view the content.
  • Q. How do I install the stages?
  • Q. How do I extract my stages to upload here?
    • A. Use Checkpoint to extract your Smash Ultimate save and then copy the Stages from SD to PC.
  • Q. Can you add a download all button?
    • A. No.